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Eat in the past 


Welcome to Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm.

At Tree and Twig, my specialty and passion is heirloom vegetables. Heirloom tomatoes are what I do in a very big way. I look forward to meeting you and talking tomatoes! 

Growing heirlooms is an exciting way to try new and unusual tastes, shapes and colours. But more than that it is an effort to maintain the genetic diversity of our food crops.

In the last century, we have lost 90 per cent of our vegetable varieties — a tragic loss of diversity and a threat to our food security. It is important to stop this trend and, as growers and consumers, look for alternatives.

Heirlooms are the link to the past and are the key to our future. Unlike some hybrids, heirlooms are not grown for their ability to withstand shipping or chemicals, or for their uniform look at market.

They are grown for taste.

Eat in the past!


SEED Sales for 2017

***Please note, no online sales in 2017. My seeds will be available from the farm beginning in February by appointment, at Niagara Seedy Saturday on Feb 11 in Wellandport, or Hamilton Seedy Saturday Feb 4., at my Tomato Days sale on the Victoria Day long weekend and beyond. Sorry for the inconvenience.



“…yes it costs more than a trip to a budget grocery store but the quality is a million times better than what you find in any grocery store and it is worth every penny!” — Trish Gomez

“This will be my ninth year as a member of your CSA. When I first signed up, I was excited to be able to support a local farmer. But in the end, I got a huge education about food (I'd never eaten a mustard green before or knew there were brown tomatoes), more variety in my diet, food I feel good about eating and a friend. A great deal in my mind.” — Tiffany Mayer

“My father worked full time but always made time to have a large vegetable garden up North on the island where I grew up. This was truly his passion and he enjoyed spending time in the garden and was always proud of his results! I guess it must have rubbed off and since his death I now have my own vegetable garden. I have been receiving Linda’s CSA delivery service now for two years and I have been purchasing her transplants and seeds for over six years. It feels like Christmas morning prior to my weekly delivery to see what treasures await me!! I have learned how to prepare so many new colourful vegetables and my family is eating healthier as a result. Thank-you Linda for your tireless hours on the farm, I shall be sad when you someday retire!” — Nancie Taylor

“…and every chefs dream is having access to premium produce that is locally grown. Linda typifies the authenticity of her product: quality, selection, fair and delicious! Her approach to farming is genuine — let nature showcase the value of what gentle hands can do with REAL food.” — Chef Mark Picone